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Bath Crystals

Bath Crystals

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Ceridwen's "Magical" Bath Crystals

Unwind with a soothing bath in one of these varieties of hand-blended bath salt crystals. Ceridwen’s Bath Salt Crystals come from Arkansas where the geothermal activity is renowned for strong healing properties in the water, salts and crystals. Their salts are hand blended with our oils during the correct phase of the moon for the most power filled result. Their bath salt recipes come from a formula that has been passed down for more than 30 years. Almost every indigenous tradition has ways of cleansing this unseen part of us, be it to release, let go/relax, restore, energize, harmonize or bring in positive vibrations.

Each of the individual Ceridwen’s Bath Salts is formulated for a specific intention. 

AMETHYST: these crystals are from the “the stability stone” & are said to promote calm, balance, and peace, and help eliminate impatience.

CITRINE: these salts are said to strengthen & enhance the user's assertive optimistic identity, dispel doubt & darkness from the mind & heart. 

MOLDAVITE: these salts are said to be used to connect with the celestial energies, and can help you to reconnect energies of extra terrestrial worlds. They are to be used for transformation, rapid spiritual evolution & chakra activation. 


Add a generours amount of crystals to your tub while drawing a warm bath. External use only. 

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