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Crystal Stone Keychains

Crystal Stone Keychains

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These keychains are a simple & effective way to carry your favourite crystal with you during the day.

These tumbled crystal keychains make great gifts, for yourself & for your loved ones. 

You will receive one (1) piece from the selection available.

Sizes & styles may vary from the photos. 

TUMBLED = Smooth

POINT = Rough


Amethyst is known to soothe and relieve stress & provide calm. 

Citrine is said to be a healing gemstone, with soothing, comforting & calming properties, while also bringing prosperity. 

Titanium Aura Amethyst is the result of a process which uses intense heat to infuse titanium and gold to natural amethyst from Brazil. The atoms fuse to the crystal's surface, which gives it an iridescent metallic sheen on a rainbow coloured crystal.

White/Clear Quartz is said to hold & amplify intentions, while also giving an aura of peace & tranquility into your space. 

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